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Learn the basics of vermicomposting. This article outlines the process of vermicomposting and equips you with everything you need to get started.

Blog Posts

While caring for composting worms in temperate climates is similar in the Philippines, there are a few key differences that might cause you to run into a few unexpected problems. This article gives you steps to succeed in vermicomposting in the Philippines.

Keeping worms alive is easy enough. But there’s a HUGE difference between a thriving and surviving worm bin. So whether you intend to breed—or even sell—your earthworms, this article will help you build the ideal conditions for your composting worms to thrive.

Avoid the common mistake of overfeeding your worms.  Understand how overfeeding affects them, and learn simple techniques you can use to avoid overfeeding.

Brew compost worm tea, a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer for your plants. Learn more about the process of “brewing” worm tea, as well as the process of applying it on your plants.

Harvest vermicompost from your ongoing worm bin setup. Learn simple and time-efficient methods of separating your worms from the vermicast produced in your bin.

Use fast-rotting, nitrogen-rich bedding instead of the usual slow-rotting bedding. Learn how to pre-compost these fast-rotting materials to make them safe for use with your worms.


Prevent your worms from escaping your bin. Learn more about the reasons why worms escape bins, and find out what you can do help them settle.

Learn about the different types of pests you might encounter in your bin. This article outlines the simple steps you can take to keep pests away from your setup.


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