I recall the first time I purchased African Nightcrawlers. I’ve read everywhere: “Worms can eat double their weight everyday; Worms eat one and a half times their weight daily; Worms eat as much as their own body weight everyday.” Excited as I was, I purchased 3 kgs. of worms and so, I dumped 3 kgs. of food. 3 kgs. everyday. I had to pick up 3 kgs. of worms on the floor everyday. The internet says it’s normal. Ok. So I continued doing that every day for about a week. One day, I woke up to the worst smell on earth: 3 kilograms of dead worms quickly decomposing. I only found out why recently.

Though a worm probably CAN eat as much as their own weight a day, remember: they eat bedding too. Other than that, Only a well-established bin would have that waste-processing capacity. The most effective way to prevent overfeeding is to feed them half of their body weight in different areas of the bin. Rotate the corners, then the middle. Only feed the same area once all the food is gone.

How could overfeeding cause problems?

Overfeeding can cause anaerobic zones which produce chemicals toxic to worms. This is the reason the worms escape. Also, those stuck in the anaerobic slop usually die of no oxygen.

How about underfeeding?

I have never underfed my worms. In fact, when there is any sort of problem, I stop feeding them for about a week. (sometimes 2 weeks). The worms don’t seem to be affected at all by this. Once overfeeding is eliminated, you’re pretty much good to go. Happy Worm Farming!