I recall the first time I purchased African Nightcrawlers. I read everywhere: “Worms can eat double their weight everyday; Worms eat one and a half times their weight daily; Worms eat as much as their own body weight everyday.” Excited as I was, I purchased worms and, dumped cups of food everyday. Not a good idea; they died within the first week.

Though a worm probably CAN eat as much as their own weight a day, remember: they eat bedding too. Plus, their consumption also depends on the conditions they’re in. Instead, feed them moderately in different areas of the bin. For example, rotate feeding in pockets: the four corners, then the middle. Only feed the same area once all the food is gone.

Let your worms be your guide. If you find that they aren’t finishing the food fast enough, reduce the amount of food you give them. If they’re finishing it quickly, slowly increase the amount of food you give them.

How could overfeeding cause problems?

Overfeeding can trigger processes which produce chemicals toxic to worms, causing them to escape or die. If that doesn’t happen, your worm bin is likely to smell, and possibly attract pests.

How about underfeeding?

It’s almost impossible to underfeed your worms. In fact, when there is any sort of problem, we recommend you stop feeding them for about a week, and the worms will be completely fine. Since overfeeding is much more dangerous than underfeeding, always err on the side of caution and feed less, rather than more.