Pre-composting Substrate/Bedding

Here in the Philippines, farmers often vermicompost by first anaerobically pre-composting substrate before letting the  worms take over. This breaks down the substrate, making it safe for the worms. Others, however, skip this step, and instead use low nitrogen bedding as substrate. Although it is feasible for farmers with large expanses of land, and high volumes of waste to pre-compost their waste, it is almost impossible to do with the amounts of waste produced by regular households. Here is a quick comparison between these two methods:


No Pre-Composting

For most households, it’s impractical to pre-compost your waste. Hence, we recommend preparing carbon-rich or slow-rotting material for your bedding. Examples include: CocoGro Worm Bedding, Newspaper, and Cardboard. If you don’t plan on pre-composting your waste, stick to materials that won’t rot quickly as your bedding. Then, feed your worms once or twice a week with fast-rotting material such as fruit and vegetable scraps, used coffee grounds, and lawn clippings.