Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t UVC PH sell red wiggler worms (eisenia fetida)? 
Red wigglers are not available in the Philippines. This is for two reasons. First and foremost, it has not been legally imported into the Philippines. Secondly, alternatives such as African Nightcrawlers are much more suited to the Philippine climate, as determined by numerous studies. As a result, we exclusively use, and sell African Nightcrawlers, or Eudrilus eugeniae in our products.

How do African Nightcrawlers compare to red wigglers? 
Red Wigglers are less tolerant of the heat, being a temperate worm, while African Nightcrawlers are much more heat-tolerant. Furthermore, African Nightcrawlers are larger, and tend to consume waste more quickly, most especially in warmer climates such as the Philippines.

Can I purchase just the worms without the bedding and container? 
The reason we offer the African Nightcrawlers in a starter kit is to increase their chance of survival during transport, and post-purchase. Having a starter kit also helps you achieve the optimal conditions of a healthy worm bin much more easily. In special cases, you may request to purchase the Urban Worm Bin without the bin and bedding. However, the price will remain the same. 

Can I purchase an Urban Worm Bin with less than 1000 worms? 
Yes, you can, but for the same price as the Urban Worm Bin. Special cases such as purchases of less than 30 pieces for research, fishing, etc. will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

How many urban worm bins do I need? 
Your needs depend on your organic waste output. For a household of 3 that outputs an average amount of scraps, for example, should be fine with one urban worm bin. For larger households or establishments that output more organic waste (ex: frequent juicers, coffee drinkers, vegetarians, home cooks), we recommend 2 or more urban worm bins.

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