Brewing Worm Tea

If you have been learning about vermicompost and its uses, you may have come across worm tea/vermi tea. However, worm tea is often misunderstood. Read on to learn what worm tea is and what its uses are. What Is Worm/Vermi Tea? It is a common misconception that the leachate that collects on the bottom of […]

Harvesting Vermicompost

When Should I Harvest Vermicompost From My Worm Bin? Now that your setup has been ongoing for a while, you are probably wondering when your worm bin is ready for harvest. The short answer: harvest when almost all of the bedding and food is turned into vermicast. If there’s too much bedding left, harvesting will […]

Pre-composting Substrate/Bedding

Pre-composting Substrate/Bedding Here in the Philippines, farmers often vermicompost by first anaerobically pre-composting substrate before letting the  worms take over. This breaks down the substrate, making it safe for the worms. Others, however, skip this step, and instead use low nitrogen bedding as substrate. Although it is feasible for farmers with large expanses of land, […]


I recall the first time I purchased African Nightcrawlers. I’ve read everywhere: “Worms can eat double their weight everyday; Worms eat one and a half times their weight daily; Worms eat as much as their own body weight everyday.” Excited as I was, I purchased 3 kgs. of worms and so, I dumped 3 kgs. […]