Help: My Worms Are Escaping!

Help: My Worms are escaping! Many vermicomposters fear that their African Nightcrawlers might escape their bins. There are a few main causes behind their departure.  Below are some of the common causes of escaping composting worms: 1. Too much moisture This is the number one cause of worms leaving worm bins. It is very common […]

Vermicomposting: Getting Started

Vermicomposting:Getting Started What is vermicomposting? Vermicomposting is the process of using composting worms to transform organic waste into vermicompost/vermicast, one of the best fertilizers known to man. What kind of worms are used? In the Philippines, the African Nightcrawler is the best species to use. These worms are NOT found in your garden. Rather, they […]